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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Search for Santa Paws (Review/Giveaway)

This Give away is now closed!
oops i must have lost this one down the back of the lounge with all the crumbs, random toys and texta lids oh and lets not forget that random bit of popcorn that's been there for god only knows how long because you haven't eaten popcorn at home on your lounge in like 2 years.........anyway back to the point ...... A few.. lets say weeks ago i was sent a copy of Search for Santa paws to review instead of writing a long drawn out synopsis(big word for me i know) ill let you watch the trailer instead

We all love a good Christmas movie well actually any Christmas movie to be honest and have watched this movie a few times and it is fast becoming a hit with my kids  i have heard some other mothers show some concern over certain parts of the movies that may appear scary to some kids but i have to say they didn't affect my boof heads.

The Awesome peeps at Walt Disney Studios and Porter Novelli have been kind enough to give one of my readers a chance to win a copy of The search for Santa paws ,so if you think you would your kids  would love to watch it just leave me a comment .

Giveaway closes 6th Dec at 5pm (open to Australian resident only)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

On Thusday morning we went shopping for a new christmas tree ,but not just any Christmas we were shopping for the BIGGEST Tree we could find ...and its at this point that i would like to add that clearly our money wasnt good enoughto be spent in Target......This is the first place we went and the tree we wanted was out of stock the only one left was the Display one which apparently isnt for sale  which i think is code for i really cant be assed to deal with this shit so please F@#%  off........which is exactly what we did and spent our money in Big W instead and pretty much got the same tree but $50 cheaper...............So without any further ado here it is.............
 Now if i can just get charlotte to stop playing with it and the cat to stop sleeping under it ,it should stay that way......................Bhahahahaha Yeah Right!!!!!!!

Iiiiiim baaaaaaack!

I went I saw i was concurred!........Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know that for the last month or so i have been blogging at my new blog HERE ..........after much thought and several problems later it felt like i had been on holiday for far to long and i needed to go home so i have decided to come back to my old comfy blog ....ahhh how I've missed feels good to be back!