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Sunday, February 20, 2011

just because i can......

This is Milo he is often referred to as baby Milo by all members of the household .He is kind of like an urban legend amongst friends and family that come to visit our house as he isn't very sociable so he is never seen but always talked about.... he keeps me company when Ben is at work (he is curled up next to me as i type this) he waits at the door for us when we get home he is truly like one of the kids and he shares a special little bond with our Mr Blake that none of us will ever understand (i wanted to include a really cute picture of them together but cant find it) oh yeah and he has a shoe fetish especially thongs he is just one of the many animals that live with us but the only one privileged enough to live in the house.


donna said...

ok, I am sooo not a cat person... but he is really cute (ps.. dont tell me girls lol)
I am glad you have someone to snuggle with when Ben isnt home
miss you honey

mummabear1970 said...

Milo looks very cute......oh, and I wish my floor was a clean as yours!

Scarlett said...

If i hadn't seen this cat for myself (once) i would have said u got that pic elsewhere hahaha Milo is a very handsome cat and yes your floors are really clean...go you lol I have a crazy cat also...he likes to play fetch, and is handsome too xxxxx