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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Sessions.......The Teenagers editition .

Its time to link up again with Thea for some Sunday sessions ,This week i left it in the hands of my 13 year old son Dylan and his picks for the week are......

This one we hear him play a lot he says he would like to learn this one on Guitar

And this one he can play which is why he picked it

I just love that Dylan tends to gravitate towards much older music than he is especially in a day when you struggle to find a film clip that doesn't have half naked women in it and all the men are singing about their bitches and Hoes.

Hope you enjoyed Dylans Sunday sessions the teenagers edition  .


Chantel said...

Brilliant taste! Excellent choices.

Melissa said...


rambling mum said...

He certainly has good taste in music! Zac can play Stairway too.....he also chooses a lot of songs from my generation rather than his own to learn. It's good because I can enjoy his music more!

Thea said...

Great song choices, Dylan!!
I love playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano.
Excellent Sunday Session.