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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Im to much of a princess to pack my own groceries...

This is not a paid post all opinions are my own  and this post is based on my local stores,however that being said if Woolworth's would like to throw a little something something my way i wouldn't say no.

I have nothing against people that shop at Aldi i have many friends that do i personally do not... i love to shop at woolies i can get everything i need ,if i shop at Aldi there are many things we need that they don't have and lets face it... I'm far to busy to shop twice in one day and frankly who could be bothered.... i mean come on we all know if you cant get it while your there your chances of going back out later to get it are probably slim to none and you find all sorts of ways to live without said items for at least the next four days .

Then there is the whole you will save money thing which i must argue with yes at Aldi you can get a packet of pasta for arguments sake lets just say 70c but you can at woolies to its called home brand also if you are shopping in both places what ever money you do save will be going towards your petrol to drive to the next supermarket unless your woolies and aldi store are right next door to each other .

I also have an issue with rude over paid chick that SITS on her ass at aldi and flings my mother fucking groceries through that check out like she is competing in the national check out chick Olympics then proceeds to shake her head at me like I'm a complete fuck wit because i couldn't get them in my trolley quick enough ,at least at my woolies i get a pleasant "hello how are you today" even if she does sometimes pack my bread with the tins of cat food or a bottle of juice but hey at least she packs them for me and she has to stand while she does it.
I guess my point is  i have done the Aldi the shop many times before and i didn't notice any improvement in our savings what so ever i HATE packing my own groceries and if i really have to do the grocery shopping it may as well be pleasant ...well as pleasant as grocery shopping can be .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The week that wasnt

I have to say over all this week has been pretty shit! it all started off smoothly on Monday with all 3 kids at school and me having some long awaited silence there was even a lunch date set for Thursday with some girlfriends that i was so looking forward to but all that quickly turned to shit went down hill when Blake started complaining of stomach cramps before he went to bed i was then woken early the next morning to a vomiting child who didn't stop till Thursday needless to say i missed my lunch date with my girlfriends .

Friday saw us at Dylan's high school for parent teacher interviews which can i just say although the interviews went very well and we seem to have one of the most polite young men in the class who should according to one teacher and i quote... "wear his nerd status with pride".......yeah I'm guessing that's not what you want to hear when your a 13 year old boy ,
it was fucking bizarre  a slightly strange feeling to be back at the same high school we both went to and with some of the same teachers .

yeah that's all I've got... nothing reverting happening here... its school holidays now so hopefully we will be able to get out of the house on a few day trips we have planned oh and Tuesday night I'm going to a VIP night at my hairdressers pretty excited about that for some reason not sure why....maybe its the champagne and canapes ?

 Enough about me how was your week ?